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Thank you for visiting Behind the Smile. I started this site soon after my son was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in 2011, as a way to share our journey and also help other families who are embarking into the same world. It is life changing yes, but along with the challenges comes an abundance of blessings. My hope is to help educate others about this disorder and show the positive side and the growth that is possible when these amazing people are given the tools that are needed. From ABA Therapy, to diet to detoxing, there are many ways to help their bodies and brains function at a higher level. Read Our Story Here

Now, having made ourselves comfortable and having more experience on the ASD rollarcoaster, I feel that I can now share and help others even more! Since I can relate to being a single mom, my heart is to help other single mom’s who have the same challenge of not only raising a child with special needs but also figuring out how to pay for all of the costs that are above and beyond the funding that is available.

Do you have anything you’ve found helpful for your loved one with ASD?
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