Today’s Celebration? Spoken Word(s)!!!

Today we did a happy dance. During Zane’s speech session today, he spoke the word “in” as clear as day while playing a “put the chip in the holder” game! Soon after it was the word “red”! Now to some people that may seem reasonably small in the world of words, but to have your child who lost all of …

adminToday’s Celebration? Spoken Word(s)!!!

Bye-Bye Baby!

Another day of celebration. As we dropped Gramma off at the bus to go back to Vancouver Island today, we were saying our good-byes and Zane dropped a B Bomb. You got it! “Bye-Bye”! Yup, Bye-Bye Non Verbal!  

adminBye-Bye Baby!

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

A couple of steps forward! We met with our Behavior Consultant today who will be setting up Zane’s therapy schedule. We finally have the dates she will do his assessments for the types of therapy he will need. I am SO excited at the thought of seeing him learn and grow in the areas he is struggling with now. The …

adminTwo Steps Forward, One Step Back

One Heck of a Month!

Well my hope to blog every week obviously hasn’t quite hit the mark as of yet. My apologies. A lot has happened in the past month and a half. Finally, after all of the hiccups in filing the paperwork, our Autism Funding finally came thru at the end of October. Hurray! All was a go to get started on the …

adminOne Heck of a Month!

Avocados, Trojan style!

Looking to find ways to get good healthy food into your little one’s tummy?? I know I am. Especially those healthy fats and vegetables! Came across this recipe for Chocolate Pudding that sir Zane just loved AND it’s easy to make with just a few ingredients and GF/CF/SF too. Chocolate Pudding 1/2 cup pitted dates 1/2 cup coco 1 1/2 …

adminAvocados, Trojan style!

Puzzles aren’t so puzzling anymore!

This is Zane during one of his ABA therapy sessions working on Receptive Instructions, one week in. Keep in mind while watching it that he was unable to follow the request to “Do Puzzle” just one week ago. He might have picked one piece of the puzzle up and walked away with it and studied it for a long period …

adminPuzzles aren’t so puzzling anymore!

Sweet Little Read

Autism: I love you all the way across to China | Autism Support Network

adminSweet Little Read

Never Ever Give Up Hope
adminNever Ever Give Up Hope

Food For Thought

Some interesting info on diet. We have had much success with the GF/CF/SF (Gluten Free/Casein Free/Soy Free) Diet with our son, as well as many of the supplements which are recommended for kids with ASD. Much of it is trial and error as each person is different and reacts differently. But from our experience and many other parents we know, …

adminFood For Thought