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When you first realize you may need to get your child diagnosed, start here. Milburn explains the process quite well and gives you an idea of where to start.

getting your child diagnosed (province of BC)

  • TIP: (If you live in BC) Get the diagnosis privately rather than through the public system if you are able to afford it. Yes, it costs about $2,000 for the Psychologist’s assessment but you will save precious time getting the funding needed to help therapies begin at least a year more quickly than waiting to get in, if not more.
  • If your child is under 6 you need a Paediatrician, Speech Pathologist and a Child Psychologist to all do assessments and be in agreeance that your child has Autism. Dr. Limbos is an amazing Doctor and I would highly recommend her services.
    Dr Limbos Child Psychologist
  • There are also clinics that will do all the assessments in one place for about the same amount of money: ABLE Clinic

finding your team once you have approved funding (province of BC)

other helpful links

  • CAN
  • Community Living BC
  • FIT Network
  • Integrated Health I have found that our Naturopathic Doctor has been an EXTREMELY big help in treating some of the very typical issues ASD individuals deal with. Everything from diet to bloodwork, there are some incredible ways that can help them function at a higher level.
  • At Home Program Refer to this PDF for coverage for medical supplies, incontinence supplies (diapers and wipes) and respite applications. I wasn’t aware of some of the coverage the government will provide until just recently!
  • Generation Rescue Jenny McCarthy’s national non-profit organization providing immediate treatment assistance, information and hope to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.
  • dōTerra Oils Helping Autism Facebook Group Family, friends and educators of those with Autism (ADHD, Aspergers and similar) interested in sharing their use of dōTerra Oils and their experiences and success stories.
  • Autism Assistance Guide Dogs The Autism Assistance Dog Guides helps families and children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We are in the process of applying for one of these amazing doggies! Fingers crossed!
  • Autism-Treatment-Evaluation-Checklist

seeing into the world of ASD

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