One Heck of a Month!

Well my hope to blog every week obviously hasn’t quite hit the mark as of yet. My apologies.

A lot has happened in the past month and a half. Finally, after all of the hiccups in filing the paperwork, our Autism Funding finally came thru at the end of October. Hurray! All was a go to get started on the assessment for having Zane’s program set up by the Behavior Consultant we had lined up since the summer.

During our first assessment, she was clearly NOT a good fit. That is putting it lightly actually. Without getting into all the details, she talked about needing to restrain him to be able to teach him some of the needed skills, since he is such an active boy. Needless to say, that did NOT sit right with me at all, along with telling me I wasn’t allowed to be in his sessions and that there would be a lot of crying (some yes, not OK with a lot) and I needed to be OK with that. Hmmm. Nope, I think not. After talking to numerous friends and other professionals working with special need children and adults, I’ve learned that any type of restraint is a restricted practice. Unless of course, a child is about to run out into the street etc. then, restraint may needed to stop him. But to “teach” a 2 1/2 year old ASD boy to use PEC cards and “pay attention”? Not so much. Back to interviewing BC’s.

The past couple weeks have been filled with interviews, phone calls and research of agencies that offer a full spectrum of services to private consultants and the individual workers that would make up a functional therapy team. We were pleasantly surprised by so many wonderful professionals who really love their job. A lot of variety and options out there which does make it a tad bit overwhelming to know which way to go.

I go with my gut feeling much of the time, and my mothers instinct. Can’t go wrong with that one! We met some amazing BC and companies that offer wonderful programs. I probably would have felt comfortable hiring a number of them. But as it worked, the last interview I had yesterday, she was THE one. A perfect mix of experience, education, fun and warmth. She brought her Senior Consultant as well, who was just as lovely. They offered to show what a basic session would look like, and worked with him a bit. Wow. It was truly heartwarming to see them work with him, keeping him engaged, smiling, laughing and also allowing him to have time to regroup. This is the way all ABA therapies should go. A far cry from strapping a child in a chair to “make him learn”.

Now we are on the hunt to make up the rest of our team. I’m sure the perfect people will pop into our path. I’m excited to be moving onto this step and being this new journey. Anything is possible!



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