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10259070_10152137733708759_1785731229180627258_oSome of you may already know the story behind this song from Lantana’s new album. Biz and Dalene wrote the first version of it when they were approached by the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas fundraising rep for a song about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Dalene called her friend Karolyn Masters (as her son Zane was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2 1/2). Karolyn shared her breakthrough moment that inspired the song: “I looked at Zane and realized he wanted to tell me something but he didn’t know how to tell me, right then I realized he needed a different way to communicate.”

Biz got inspired by her family members, Stephanie and Terry Mullennix and friend Chrissy Smith, who also have autistic sons: Nicolas and Brock. The experiences they shared around Nicolas’ passion for music and raising children with Autism were also so impactful in the writing the song.

In a writing session with Johnny Garcia, “Behind the Smile” came to be what it is today: a universal mantra of enjoying being with someone and really knowing who they are. The song has been featured in the Calgary Sun, Vancouver Metro and Broken Records Magazine even prior to Lantana’s album’s release this month.

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