Peaceful Child Oil Blend

Deborah Dushku Gardner created Peaceful Child blend for her son, who has Tourette’s Syndrome.  His behaviors and disorders were starting to overwhelm her & she had to find a natural solution. Children with this syndrome typically have a variety of behavioral disorders, such as impulsivity, oppositional defiance disorder, ADHD, child depression, OCDs, and anger management issues. They may also suffer from insomnia. Autistic and Asperger children also typically deal with many of these problems.  This formula is also very helpful to adults who suffer with anxiety or emotional trauma.

Peaceful Child will not cure disorders, but it is very nourishing to the brain and aids in balancing the entire central nervous system. When used regularly, it seems to diminish the intensity of the above-mentioned disorders and behavioral problems.

Peaceful Child is formulated with 100% certifiably therapeutic and pure grade essential oils. These essential oils offer the complete spectrum of all possible medicinal properties and are extremely concentrated. The essential oils I use in my blend are: French lavender, marjoram, clary sage, vetiver, Boswellian frankincense, ylang ylang, and fractionated coconut oil. I also offer these oils (and others) individually for wholesale by contacting us with the form on the right.

The oils in this blend are known for helping with:

ADHD, emotional trauma, fear, stress, anxiety, behavioral & cognitive disorders; neurological disorders, hypertension and insomnia. It is stabilizing, nourishing and protecting to the central nervous system. It creates a deep, languid calm; has sedative properties; and frees the nerves from excessive tension. Restores feelings of hope and mental strength and promotes a positive outlook on life. Eases the pain behind anger and trauma and quiets mind chatter.

Scent: Warm, deep, rich, soothing, stabilizing, comforting, languid

Directions: shake before each use, then apply 1 drop to the bottom of each foot and over the heart before bedtime and first thing in the morning.  If the child is having a really difficult time, also apply to the back of the neck on either side of the spine. Repeat mid-day, if necessary.  For a sedative effect, Peaceful Child must also be applied to the insides of the wrist or under the nose so that the vapors can be inhaled while resting (place hands up by the face).





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