Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

A couple of steps forward! We met with our Behavior Consultant today who will be setting up Zane’s therapy schedule. We finally have the dates she will do his assessments for the types of therapy he will need. I am SO excited at the thought of seeing him learn and grow in the areas he is struggling with now. The fact that we have seen such amazing changes in him in just the past few months with the diet changes (Gluten Free/Dairy Free) and supplements and meds (I will be posting about these soon!) I can only imagine how well he will do with all of the therapy too.

Once of the biggest highlights of my week was when Zane tried to sound the word “Log” out with his favorite show “Word World”. He has never once been verbal or interactive with a TV show how typical kids are. So the fact that he was sounding out the word “Log” with his friend “Frog” was AMAZING! He did it a few times so I know I heard it correctly. Made my heart smile.

Today was a bit of a “day”. A one step back, kinda day.

I’ve been waiting to find the Funding Agreement from the government in our mailbox for the past week.

It has been quite the process in my dealings with our Social Worker. 3 weeks after I submitted all the forms into our Social Worker to send off it all to the Autism Funding Unit in Victoria (which I had feverishly pulled together in the fastest way possible, making sure not ONE thing was missing), I find out that there was no file for Zane, whatsoever. Yup, she had forgotten to send the files in the day I dropped them off. Awesome.

Needless to say, I was a tad bit choked. OK, more like “ragey”. After no response via email and 2 phone calls, I decided to march down there in person to get things straightened out. I was so flustered, I forgot put shoes or socks on my kids. Pretty sure I didn’t look in the mirror either and I had some wicked fluff head going on too. Quite the sight!

I was thankful that upon arrival, once she was off of the phone, she saw me right away. She was very apologetic and said she had jumped on the phone as soon as she had read my email. She told me they had “red flagged” our file and it was to be done the next day and would be sent out by end of week. For sure. I accepted her apology and gave her a chance to redeem herself. I understand people make mistakes and I’m certainly not perfect, but you are messing with Momma Bear here. I’m not always so understanding and rational when you mess with my babies!!!

Without going into all the nitty gritty of details, our “red flagged” file didn’t get sent out until the next week. Yes, I phoned and checked. :0)

I sighed a HUGE sigh of relief last week hearing that those papers were winging their way over to us in the mail, soon to be signed and sent back to get things started.

One week later (yesterday) still no sign of papers. I thought I’d give them one more day before I called to check to see if they had indeed left their building.

They beat me to the call. They had received the package BACK saying that we had moved. Wrong Address. WHAT.THE… ??? Apparently the address that was input by our Social Worker was incorrect. I was seriously speechless. Our address is written about 4 times (correctly) in the whole package we sent in.

And to make it even more frustrating, they couldn’t courier it, even though I offered to pay the changes because they don’t have a pick up place for package and my in-laws couldn’t even pick it up in person to courier it for us because “they don’t do that.”


They are once again in the mail. Fingers crossed they make it soon! We WILL make this step forward!

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